The Phantom

The Phantom

In the wake of the Dominion War, a special project was developed in an undisclosed Pegasus Fleet Shipyard. The project entailed an experimental phase cloak, similar to the one used aboard the USS Pegasus in 2358. During a surprise attack from the Dominion, the shipyard was attacked. In order to save the project the Luna Class Ship, Codenamed Phantom, was manned with the skeleton crew and told to leave the dry dock. The team was given more then what they were bargained for. The phase cloak failed in mid-warp and caused a catastrophe. The skeleton crew was dead and the ship went into shut down. All power was cut and the Phantom was sent adrift into The Delta Triangle.

In the Delta Triangle, survivors of various ships and shuttles still struggle for a new hope. Forming various groups to stay together and fight to get out of the Triangle and back to the lives they left behind. A small group discover the Phantom and board her, in the hopes of getting her back online and go home. Banning together they get aboard and bring the ship up online, unaware of the mysteries the ghost ship has hidden.

The Phantom Project

The Phantom Project was an experiment created by Federation Scientists Doctor T'Riel and Doctor Douglas Williams in order to help the Federation in the Dominion War. By using the same plans from the phase cloak designed by Starfleet Intelligence and used onboard the USS Pegasus, once commanded by Captain Erik Pressman. The project was meant to picked up where the USS Pegasus's project left off. Even though it went against the Treaty Of Algeron it originally was meant to help the Federation. As a means to prevent Starfleet from intervening, the project was begun in secret. Using various means provided by Starfleet Intelligence and several unnamed sources, it was later moved to a secret shipyard that was far from Federation space.

The USS Calypso

The ship was designated the USS Calypso, named after the mythological daughter of the Titan Atlas. This name was picked for two reasons. One because the name itself, in etymology, means "to cover", "to conceal", or "to hide". This was meant as a hidden joke regarding the Phase Cloak and The Phantom Project. The second and most important was the idea that the ship was meant to be unstoppable. A Titan of space for the Federation and Starfleet to be used as a weapon and a last resort. A Goddess of Space to be worshiped and feared, similar to the Calypso of mythos.

Theta Fleet Awards 2015

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» Sim MIgration

Posted on Thu Dec 25, 2014 @ 10:21am by Lieutenant Ravyn Addams in Website Update

Hi, everyone!

Sorry the site was down so long. I had to migrate it to a new server and some of hte files got messed up in the transfer.

But the site is now working properly and all is good.

The new URL is:

Please reset your bookmarks. :)

Merry Christmas!

» A Joint Mission of sorts

Posted on Fri Jan 3, 2014 @ 8:01am by Ensign Allie Kerrigan in Sim Announcement

Good day all,

In conjunction with the Commanding Officer and Executive Officer we have planned a sort of joint mission with the Phantom and the USS Ascendant, a vessel from the year 2591 in the future. We are working on the premise that the futuristic Ascendant has sensors sophisticated enough to counter the effects of the Delta Triangle (Don't get any ideas the Prime Directive still has meaning even in 2591 :).)

As for the point of the mission, Allie Kerrigan the character I play has a great significance in the future and the Ascendant crew led by their captain Natasha Kensington have come back to our time to eliminate Allie. I could explain the whole plot behind the Ascendant's timeline but i'll leave that to available upon request so I do not bore you all.

More details will be revealed as time goes on but for now just have fun :) Eventually the mission for us here will be to not allow Allie to die.


» It's a Wrap!

Posted on Tue Jun 25, 2013 @ 10:20pm by Lieutenant Ravyn Addams in General News

Okay, folks, the main part of the mission is over. The crew is back on board and the Phylosians have gone on their merry way.

We have some Gorn cargo, some Klingon visitors and some loose ends to tie up. So, feel free to break off into groups and do your thing. (Sovek and Kes, Enzo and Mel, feel free to break off into your own posts.)

Have fun!


» Farewell to Casshana

Posted on Tue May 7, 2013 @ 12:10am by Lieutenant Ravyn Addams in General News

Casshana Lock has departed the Phantom. (Waves bye to Marty.)

I spoke to Voz yesterday. He's been working seven days a week and hten going in again to help move equipment for a planned renovation at his place of business. He rarely does anything but sleep when he's home, but he hopes the renovations will be over soon and he'll get back to a normal schedule.

In the meantime, we have Gorn to attack and Phylosians to save. And Enzo and Ravyn to rescue.

Once that's done, we finish the mission and move on to more mayhem. :)


» Resignation

Posted on Fri May 3, 2013 @ 4:02am by Anor Rin in Out of Character

Sorry guys and gals, I lost my pirate mojo. Have fun though.

Latest Mission Posts

» Closure

Mission: Gorns of Plenty/The Haunting of Deck 10
Posted on Sat Dec 24, 2016 @ 9:23am by Ensign Allie Kerrigan & Lieutenant Ravyn Addams


Ravyn was finally done with the medical treatments, the anger issues that had been caused by Kerrigan's toxin. But she wasn't done with the anger and resentment she still felt over it. The attack had been unprovoked and unwarranted. At least, Ravyn thought so. Still, she needed to let…

» Hoops!

Mission: Gorns of Plenty/The Haunting of Deck 10
Posted on Wed Nov 30, 2016 @ 4:52am by Captain Gabriel 'Angel' Calaway & Ensign Astarotte 'Lotte' Ygvar

Lotte had been exploring the ship. She had so far managed to explore quite a few decks, most of which were either empty or very quiet. She liked being alone, but one room she had found was quite entertaining.

She wandered into the large room, it was part of the…

» A Distress Call

Mission: Gorns of Plenty/The Haunting of Deck 10
Posted on Wed Aug 31, 2016 @ 5:54am by Lieutenant Ravyn Addams & Bill Gunn & Lieutenant JG Petra Marell & Captain Gabriel 'Angel' Calaway & Lieutenant Enzo Tanaka


Petra was again manning communications. It was quiet, no chatter and no sign of other ships. So she had one ear to the comms and one eye to a book.

Suddenly she picked up an automated call. "Captain!" she said, turning to Calaway, "Distress call from an unknown vessel."…

» Back to Normal (part 4)

Mission: Gorns of Plenty/The Haunting of Deck 10
Posted on Tue Apr 12, 2016 @ 3:27am by Lieutenant Ravyn Addams & Bill Gunn & Lieutenant JG Petra Marell & Lieutenant Enzo Tanaka & Lieutenant JG M'Learrea Furukawa MD



"If your heart needs a house I will give you mine as well." Tanaka used his soothing voice. "I am sure you will be placed with honor within it." He started to rock her a bit. "A house is just a gathering of Honorable Warriors that stand together,…

» Back to Normal (part 3)

Mission: Gorns of Plenty/The Haunting of Deck 10
Posted on Sat Mar 5, 2016 @ 11:22am by Lieutenant Enzo Tanaka & Lieutenant JG M'Learrea Furukawa MD



"I wasn't myself, feels like a gross understatement. Thank you for what you did .....still....that can't have been easy for you. I was screaming inside, but the words didn't come out; it was like someone separated my mind from myself and took control. They could suggest anything and…